Discover the old school charm of a boot room

Splashing through puddles, digging in the garden, country walks. A boot room means you can love life outdoors while keeping your home clean, neat and organised. 

Modern 'boot rooms' can be a hallway, utility or entire room; what's key is built-in storage that suits you and your interests. 

It's one of the first rooms you enter, so don't shy away from colour. Add interest with a patterned wallpaper, or choose a striking colour for your cabinets. Boot rooms provide an easy transitional from the outside in, so we would recommend adding an upholstered bench so you'll have  place to sit while you pull off your boots. 

Open shelves are great for accessing everyday items, and the additional of wicker baskets or storage bins will help provide natural texture and interest.

A place for everything

Think carefully about the storage you'll need and stop your room from becoming the dumping ground for the family. Ensure every item has a home, from hanging rails to shelving, peg rails to shoe boxes, the best boot rooms are built to accommodate your life, not just your stuff.

Add dedicated drawers for small items like gloves and welly socks which makes them easier to find. 

Pick a combination of cabinets and features that work for you. 

Behind closed doors

Does your space allow for large cloakroom cupboards? They offer the perfect place to hide away large bulky winter coats and other seasonal essentials. Why not dedicate one cupboard entirely for winter wear, and another for summer? This means that everything that you need will be in one place.


Open plan homes mean that the boot room is much more than a place to store muddy boots and cleaning essentials. With the help of modern furniture, the humble boot room can become the essential ‘behind the scenes’ storage room in the house; everything from luxurious pet beds for man’s best friend, to somewhere to store gardening equipment.

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